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간행물정보 교회사연구 2009년, 敎會史硏究 第32輯, 209page~274page(총66page)
파일형식 1221034 [다운로드 무료 PDF 뷰어]
판매가격 9,000원
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연관 논문
Древнерусское одноязычие или двуязычие? - В ответ на концепцию диглоссии Б.А. Успенского
한국연극에 재현된 디아스포라 공간과 타자성 - <해바라기의 관>과 <연변엄마>를 중심으로
부제 : Rethinking the Chinese Ritual Controversy between the Heterodoxia and the Heteroglossia
1. 문제 설정: 낱말에 대한 되새김질
2. 왜 또다시 의례 논쟁인가?
3. 미신(Superstitio)과 이단(異端)의 변주곡
4. 자기라는 거울에 투사된 것들, 예절 혹은 정치
5. 번역(traductio)인가, 반역(traditio)인가
6. 글을 맺으며: 장미라는 이름이 남긴 것
We could call it the conceptual history, or l'histoire des concepts in french, Die Begriffsgeschichte in germany: the intellectual enterprise that analyses some coined words which emerged suddenly in a certain historical point, or in some cases the antiquated concepts attached with an absolutely new and different meaning in the historical and cultural context. Nowadays in the humanities and the social sciences it is regarded with the considerable trial which would animate the academic discussion. This judgement seems to be the effects from the problematique that for establishing their disciplinary identities and being able to suggest the agenda for the new horizon of their studies it is indispensable to re-examinate reflectively the taken-for-granted terminologies in their own usage.
These tendencies are observed as wide spread phenomena in some area; exempli gratia, literature, philosophy, history of religions, political sciences etc. In fact the church history can not be exempted from this urgent demand. Although the christianity insist the universal truth and the Evangel for the salvation of the whole mankind, it cannot be neglected the point that in western history the christianity has developed its own communicable language on the basis of the particular cultural configuration. Therefore we would like to call the church history in the eastern missionary area as a process of semantic conflicts and creative transformations between two local languages, western and eastern.
Nevertheless, in the academic circle of the korean church history the above proposition has been untouched until the very recent years. Probably the reason is due to the stuffy positivism and amateurism which widely dominate and delimitate the milieu of relevant studies. This humble paper tried to realize the conceptual investigation of some catholic vocabularies that are used for self-evident both in the common usage and scholarly discours. In doing so, as the object for analysis we chose the terms such as the various chinese names of christian God, the Superstitio and Haeresis, the Civilis and Politicus from the historic controversy about chinese rites(1643~1742).
And these concepts were constructed in the documents of quite famous authors who played an important role in the debate. For example, the Seventeen Questionnaires of Fr. Juan Bautista de Morales(1643), Dominican missionary, the Four Questionnaires of Fr. Martino Martini(1651), S.J., the Decree of Mgr. Charles Maigrot(1693), MEP, the Bulls, Ex Illa Die of Clemens XI(1715) and Ex Quo Singulari of Benedict XIV(1742) etc. We would understand the signification of those debatable concepts from the framework of unintended interweave of Heterodoxia(half-inclusive attitude to the Other) and Heteroglossia Bakhtinian(coexistence of different voices and possibility of the hybrid utterance). Our interpretation about the conceptual implication of chinese rites controversy wishes to give another possibility of reflective thinking to the academic interest in the historical experience of East-Asian Catholic Church.
중국 의례 논쟁, 헤테로독시아, 헤테로글로시아, 개념사 연구, 담론 분석, the Chinese Rites Controversy, Heterodoxia, Heteroglossia, conceptual history, discursive analysis
본 논문은 참고용 논문으로 수정 및 텍스트 복사가 되지 않습니다.
[대학문화]대학가의 성문화 연구
[동성애] 동성애와 동성애 문제에 대한 실태 및 현황과 과제
[영화감상문, 영화감상] 영화감상문 17가지 모음
영유아 프로그램을 이해하면서, 과연 유아는 환경의 영향을 더 받는 것인지 또는 유전 적인 영향을 더 받는 것인지 토론해 보시오
[미술과인류문화] 동성애와미술(예술을 통 해 본 동성애)
[농약][농약 잔류][농약 위험성][농약독성]농약의 정의, 농약의 종류, 농약의 잔류 실태, 농약의 악영향, 농약의 위험성, 농약독성에 대한 과제, 농약에 대한 대처 방안, 농약의 개선 과제, 농약사용에 대한 제언
공무원 국어 기출문제(국가직7급,국가직9급,국회8급,경찰공무원,군무원)
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