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An Analysis on Space and Time as Fundamental Elements of User eXperience - Based on Kant’s Transcendental Aesthetic in his Critique of Pure Reason
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저자 Ryu, Neunghwa Park, Seungho
발행기관 아시아디지털아트앤디자인학회
간행물정보 아시아디지털아트앤디자인학회 학술대회 자료집 2011년, ADADA 2011, 133page~134page(총2page)
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부제 :
This study aims to analyze space and time based on Kantian epistemology(theory of knowledge), in order that they are one of the most fundamental elements that constitute User eXperience(UX). By demonstrating that space and time are the formal conditions of human sensibility, which every human has a priori(prior to experience) according to Kant, it proposed experience designers to contemplate space and time as the fundamental elements when designing UX. If UX is a part of all possible human experiences, it is important for UX designers to inquire the conditions that basically enable humans to experience things, which are space and time. As a conclusion of this analysis, it provides a theoretical ground for designers to define the spatial and timing context-where and when the user will experience the product-, before designing the product to be used, since it is proved that space and time are the necessary conditions for a foundation of all experiences. With the shift from techno-centric or materialistic perspective to human-centric one, this study developed an inquiry about human experience, suggesting the elements to be reflected by designers in the human-centric point of view.
User eXperience, Human-centric, Space, Time
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