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Magnetic Equivalent Circuit of quasi-Halbach Magnet Array applied Tubular Permanent Magnet Actuator -
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저자 Jeon Woong Kang Jun-ho Yoon Dong Wook Kim No Cheol Park
발행기관 대한기계학회
간행물정보 대한기계학회 춘추학술대회 2015년, Proceedings of the 4th Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Dynamics and Control, 202page~205page(총4page)
파일형식 2717904 [다운로드 무료 PDF 뷰어]
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부제 :
High-speed train is being issued as a one of the most popular transportations lately. The number of high-speed train was increased for customers’ convenience. Yet again, it was left at the mercy of passengers’ comfort and it would be improved with active suspension because of better performance in its satisfactory control and vibration suppression ability. To reduce lateral vibration of the high-speed train, active suspension, tubular permanent magnet actuator(TPMA) in particular, is suggested because of the high thrust density in restricted space and its outstanding control performance. This paper, therefore, proposes magnetic equivalent circuit(MEC) for tubular permanent magnet actuator with quasi-Halbach magnet array. Also three methods as to analyze magnetic flux density of TPMA are introduced. Among them, lumped parameter method can analyze effectively with simple mathematical modeling Magnetic flux density in air gap can be estimated through MEC, and to verify it, FE model is used as a criterion for judging validity. Also end effect of the model could be find in the results as an error.
Tubular Permanent Magnet Actuator, Railway Vehicle, Magnetic Equivalent Circuit, Quasi-Halbach Magnet array
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