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Examining Online to Offline Service Using Augmented Reality - Theory of Planned Behavior Perspective
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저자 Timothy Jung Mandy C. Leue Hyunae Lee Namho Chung
발행기관 한국호텔외식관광경영학회
간행물정보 한국호텔외식경영학회 학술발표논문집 2015년, 한국호텔외식관광경영학회 2015년도 춘계학술대회, 137page~157page(총21page)
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부제 :
I. Introduction
II. Literature Review
III. Theoretical Framework and Hypotheses Development
IV. Methods
V. Analysis and Results
VI. Discussion and Conclusions
The ways providers communicate with their customers have been changed due to Online to Offline (O2O) service. In O2O service, providers are able to find consumers in virtual environment (online) and bring them into real world stores (offline). In this situation, this study regarded Augmented Reality (AR) as an effective tool of O2O service, since AR has a feature of providing virtual 3D images or information that superimposed on the real-world view, which can ultimately enhance customer"s experience. For instance, by using wearable computer such as Google Glass, people can receive virtual information on top of the real world view such as cultural heritage sites, artifacts, masterpieces and so on. Therefore, this study considered AR as an effective way to provide customers with better experience and cause customers" intention to visit destination. To be more specific, drawn from Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), we investigated the causal mechanism underlying customer"s beliefs about AR (usability, enjoyment and aesthetics), AR evaluation and attitudes toward AR, and the impact of attitudes toward AR, time resource, subjective norm on intention to use AR and intention to visit Art Gallery. While the results showed that time resource have an influence on only intention to use AR, and attitude toward AR have an impact on only intention to visit Art Gallery, subjective norm was found to be predictor of both intentions. Intention to use AR was found to influence intention to visit Art Gallery. These results are supporting our augments that AR can be an effective tool in O2O service. With these results, we provide theoretical and practical implications.
augmented reality, Google Glass, wearables, theory of planned behavior, online to offline(O2O) service
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