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A Cross-National study of cloth’s purchasing behavior between Chinese and Korean Consumers -
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저자 Mina Woo Liyan Zhu Chulmo Koo
발행기관 한국호텔외식관광경영학회
간행물정보 한국호텔외식경영학회 학술발표논문집 2015년, 한국호텔외식관광경영학회 2015년도 춘계학술대회, 243page~266page(총24page)
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연관 논문
보문 : 사회 책임적 의류 소비 태도가 의류 처분 행동에 미치는 영향 ( 제1보 ) ( Transactions : The Effects of the Socially Responsible Clothing Consumption Attitude on the Clothing Risposition Behavior ( Part 1 ) )
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A study of factors influencing online shopping behavior - The case of Korean and Chinese e-consumers
A cross-cultural study of path from consumer innovativeness to perceived product value, and to purchase intention - Evidence from smart phone users in Korea and the U.S.
The Effects of Congruence between Self-Image and the Advertising Image of Chinese Consumers on Advertising and Brand Attitudes-The Moderating Role of a Fashion Advertising Model’s Nationality-
부제 :
I. Introduction
II. Literature Review
III. Methods
IV. Analysis and Results
Many researchers have been done from the aspect of comparing consumers from Western countries but few studies compared consumers within Asian market. With the development of tourism market between China and other Asian nations, more and more cross-national research should be done as the barriers between China and other countries fell down.
The present research did an exploratory study on consumer behavior by comparing Chinese and Korean female consumers’ clothing purchase behavior in the decision-making process.
Consumers’ purchasing decision making process can be classified into five stages: problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase, and post acquisition behavior. This study compares these two groups at each of the former four stages by T-test The result shows that Chinese and Korean consumers are somewhat different in consumer needs in terms of the way to be satisfied with clothing, the way of gathering fashion information, the evaluation criteria of selecting clothing, and the selection of store. Compared with Koreans, Chinese females have more functional needs to be met through clothing, whereas Korean females have more experiential needs to be met.
Although both Chinese and Koreans are considered as both collectivistic in previous researches, Koreans have a stronger tendency towards individualism than Chinese in purchasing clothing. Korean female consumers try to realize their needs to be unique and to express their internal attributes through clothing, while Chinese female consumers try to maintain social harmony and fit-in.
The present study also conducted ANCOVA to see whether covariate income mediates the differences between Chinese and Korean respondents. ANCOVA result shows that most of these differences were caused by cultural difference with some also explained by different disposable income level between these two Asian countries. These implications give some hints to global marketers, especially marketers in tourism industry. The result of crossnational comparison of Asian consumers’ decision making process can provide valuable information to them in their development of international marketing strategies.
consumer-decision making process, comparison of consumer behavior between China and Korea, cultural difference
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