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Semitendinosus Muscle Transfer Flap for the Treatment of Canine Fecal Incontinence -
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저자 Hyoung-sun Cho Dong-bin Lee Yong-hwan Kwon Young-ung Kim Jin-su Kang Ki-chang Lee Nam-soo Kim Min-su Kim
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간행물정보 한국임상수의학회지 2016년, 한국임상수의학회지 제33권 제2호, 131page~134page(총4page)
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Original Article : Length Tension Function of Puborectalis Muscle: Implications for the Treatment of Fecal Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Disorders
Image and Learning : How to Interpret a Functional or Motility Test : Technique of Functional and Motility Test: How to Perform Biofeedback for Constipation and Fecal Incontinence
Control of Motility in the Internal Anal Sphincter
Novel anal sphincter saving procedure with partial excision of levator-ani muscle in rectal cancer invading ipsilateral pelvic floor -
Repair of Bilateral Perineal Hernia with Semitendinosus Muscle Transposition Along with Colopexy and Cystopexy in a Bitch -
부제 :
A 4-year-old intact female Maltese was referred to the Animal Medical Center of Chonbuk National University with a history of consistent fecal incontinence over 4 months following sacculectomy surgery. We suspected that anal sacculectomy resulted in loss of the external anal sphincter. On physical examination, the external anal sphincter muscle on the left side was intact, while the external anal sphincter muscle on the right side could not be detected and exhibited severe laceration. To repair the defect, the left semitendinosus muscle was transposed around the anus. The left semitendinosus muscle was isolated and transected near the stifle, reflected dorsally and passed around the ventral rectum into the pararectal fossa. Care was taken to preserve the integrity of the vasculature and nerve supply. The muscle was secured dorsally with simple interrupted sutures to the levator ani and coccygeus muscles to simulate the external anal sphincter. Nine days after surgery, the dog was defecating normally with no evidence of incontinence. The use of semitendinosus muscle flaps is a good option for the treatment of fecal incontinence secondary to loss of sphincter muscle in dogs.
fecal incontinence, semitendinosus muscle flap, dog
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