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Optimality and Element Theory - The case of initial fricative voicing in Southern Old and Middle English
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저자 Jaehyeok Choi
발행기관 한국음운론학회
간행물정보 음성음운형태론연구 2016년, 음성음운형태론연구 제22집 제1호, 77page~103page(총27page)
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연관 논문
Loan adaptation of Japanese fricatives/affricates in Korean -
The Unrounding of /u:/ and /u/ in Middle English: A Constraint-based Approach
Assibilation of and in Old English - An Optimality-Theoretic Analysis
Articles : Language and Literature ; Acquisition of English interdental fricatives by Mongolian speakers
Palatalization in Old English - An OT-CC Account
부제 :
1. Introduction
2. Data
3. Theoretical background
4. Theoretical analyses
5. Conclusion
This study examines the nature of consonant weakening processes (i.e. lenition) within the framework of Optimality Theory. In order to delve into the current topic more deeply, the voicing of initial fricatives particularly in the southern and south-western dialects of Old and Middle English is investigated. I argue that the *COMPLEX[Element] constraint, where ‘element’ refers to one of the primitives of Element Theory, plays a central role in analysing weakening processes within this theoretical framework. In addition, it is demonstrated that lenition processes such as the voicing of consonants can be accounted for within the constraint interaction between positional faithfulness constraints such as IDENT[element] and the integrated constraint *COMPLEX[Element] which I propose.
optimality theory, fricative voicing, element theory, laryngeal phonology
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