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Grammatical and Pragmatic Aspects of Polarity in Arabic Seditious Utterances -
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저자 Reda Ali Hassan Mahmoud
발행기관 세종대학교 언어연구소
간행물정보 Journal of Universal Language 2016년, Journal of Universal Language 제17권 제2호, 21page~51page(총31page)
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Use of Clarification Requests and Confirmation Checks - A Discursive Pragmatic Approach
부제 :
1. Introduction
2. Syntactic Aspects of Polarity
3. Lexical Aspects of Polarity
4. Pragmatic Aspects of Seditious Utterances
5. Conclusions
This study analyzes various grammatical and pragmatic aspects of polarity in Arabic seditious utterances. Arabic Seditious Utterances (ASUs) are a result of the general atmosphere of incitement and discontent against lawful authorities which prevails before and after the revolution. ASUs feature the use of both negative polarity aspects to refute a number of oppressive and unjust actions of political and administrative authorities and other positive polarity aspects to affirm the allegements and demands of the claimants. Such negative and positive distinction in ASUs is represented grammatically (syntactically, lexically, and semantically) in positive and negative polarity items. They are also represented pragmatically in context-sensitive aspects within these utterances. The focus of this paper is on the analysis of seditious utterances, the various aspects of positive and negative syntactic, lexical and semantic polarity items, their scalar ways of representations in addition to other creative aspects of pragmatic-sensitive expressions of polarity. An eclectic approach is designed to suite the analysis of the scalar and multi-aspect nature of grammatical as well as pragmatic data which has been collected within a span of three years of national unrest. The analysis of the examples of ASUs shows that negative and positive polarity distinction rise above the grammatical component to other entailed and implicated pragmatic aspects. The analysis of ASUs also explains the inventive ways of pragmatic aspects which are used to understate or accentuate the control of grammatical and lexical components of polarity according to their various contexts.
polarity distinction, Arabic language, utterance analysis, seditious utterances, positive and negative polarity items
본 논문은 참고용 논문으로 수정 및 텍스트 복사가 되지 않습니다.
PLLT-Cross-Linguistic Influenced and Learner Language
영어학개론 레포트
[영어학개론] 어휘의미론(Lexical Semantics)
내용 요약 - 의미와 문법 - 의미론개론
Ch.8 Communicative Competence
[영어학개론] 어휘의미론(Lexical Semantics)
[토익]영어단어 보카33000
[편입]고려대편입생이 전수 필수 편입어휘
[토익,공무원 시험준비 어휘] 토익/ 공무원 시험준비 어휘 14000개
[심리] 심리학 용어집(한영)
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