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Development of a hydraulic power transmission system for the 3-point hitch of 50-kW narrow tractors -
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저자 Sun-Ok Chung Yong-Joo Kim Moon-Chan Choi Kyu-Ho Lee Jong-Kyou Ha Tae-Kyoung Kang Young-Keun Kim
발행기관 충남대학교 농업과학연구소
간행물정보 Korean Journal of Agricultural Science 2016년, Korean Journal of Agricultural Science Vol.43 No.3, 450page~458page(총9page)
파일형식 3085751 [다운로드 무료 PDF 뷰어]
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부제 :
Materials and Methods
Results and Discussion
High performance small and mid-sized tractors are required for dryland and orchard operations. A power transmission system is the most important issue for the design of high performance tractors. Many operations, such as loading and lifting, use hydraulic power. In the present study, a hydraulic power transmission system for the 3-point hitch of a 50 kW narrow tractor was developed and its performance was evaluated. First, major components were designed based on target design parameters. Target operations were spraying, weeding, and transportation. Main design parameters were determined through mathematical calculation and computer simulation. The capacity of the hydraulic cylinder was calculated taking the lifting force required for the weight of the implements into consideration. Then, a prototype was fabricated. Major components were the lifting valve, hydraulic cylinder, and 3-point hitch. Finally, performance was evaluated through laboratory tests. Tests were conducted using load weights, lift arm sensor, and lift arm height from the ground. Test results showed that the lifting force was in the range of 23.5 - 29.4 kN. This force was greater than lifting forces of competing foreign tractors by 3.9 - 4.9 kN. These results satisfied the design target value of 20.6 kN, determined by survey of advanced foreign products. The prototype will be commercialized after revision based on various field tests. Improvement of reliability should be also achieved.
power transmission, agricultural machinery, tractor, 3-point hitch
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