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간행물정보 운동학 학술지 2016년, 운동학 학술지 제18권 제4호, 71page~79page(총9page)
파일형식 3419442 [다운로드 무료 PDF 뷰어]
판매가격 6,000원
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건강한 생활환경을 위한 맞춤형 미세먼지 관리방안 -
일개 종합병원의 민간 건강검진 수검자의 검진이용 특성, 건강행태 및 건강관리 수준 분석 -
우리나라 사회안전망 개선을 위한 현안 과제
학교체육진흥법 시행을 위한 하위법령제정의 과제
주민소환으로 인한 님비갈등의 정치화에 대한 대응방안 연구
부제 : Current Issues in the Operation of Educational Centers for Exercise Specialists
결론 및 제언
[PURPOSE] To analyze and evaluate the current status of the operation of educational centers by focusing on issues related to the educational center and to improve the qualities and professionalism of the exercise specialists. [BODY] The exercise specialist’s training course establishes the personality and desirable values of an exercise specialist while also achieving the required level of job literacy and performance within the field. The educational center has been designated to implement this course, but has only been in operation for two years, so there is no guidance or know how on the operation of the educational center and is experiencing hardship. In order for the operation of education center to be regulated in accordance with the purpose of implementation, it is pointed out that securing a stable graduate student should be preceded, but the structure of the qualification system is unlikely to be easily solved. Because it has only been operated for 2 years, changing the qualification system is in a difficult position, so we would have to consider a wise solution in this current state. [CONCLUSIONS] For the normal operation of each educational center installed in the four universities, it is possible to improve the financial efficiency by sharing the functions of the institute by specializing the training areas. However, because the distances between the educational centers are so large, this could cause inconvenience for the students, so one of the ways to operate it is to allocate it to 2 broad areas. Considering the operation of education center, it should be careful in increasing the number of successful students because it weakens the expertise and decides the success or failure of the qualification system. A system should be established to improve the quality of the training as well as the contents of the training. To improve the quality of training, it is necessary to establish an evaluation method and a basis of cancelling acceptance for those who cannot meet requirements. There is a need to consider writing training materials for quality management or leveling the training courses that may occur between regions. By using the training materials in common, it is possible to avoid duplication of contents of general training and practicum experience, and it will be possible to solve the contents and quality difference of the lectures of the regional training institutes. In addition, standardized and systematic management guidelines for practicum experience should be provided so that the practicum experience training can be carried out normally to achieve efficient job training, character training, and field training. Altogether, in order to achieve the goal of efficient practicum experience, it should not be operated in a mediocre way, but operated very detailed with concrete guidelines along with an assessment of practicum experience.
exercise specialists, 현장실습, 현장실습 평가, practicum experience, assessment of practicum experience, 연수원 운영, operation of educational center, 건강운동관리사
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[인적자원개발론] 조직(기업)의 인적자원개발 현황조사(국민건강보험공단과 동부화재를 중심으로)
[학사][외식경영] 한국 외식산업 발전 방향에 대한 연구
자기소개서,자소서 최신합격자들의 자기소개 주요기업별, 분야별 상세 예문 총154가지+자기소개서양식
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