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“I Remember You Lying Dead” - A Metatheatrical Reading of Harold Pinter’s Old Times
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저자 Cho, Yeoniee
발행기관 한국현대영미드라마학회
간행물정보 현대영미드라마 2018년, 현대영미드라마 제31권 제1호, 147page~175page(총29page)
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부제 :
Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Theatricality of Anna’s Presence
Ⅲ. A New Approach to Theatricality
Ⅳ. The Present as a Memory Theatre : Kate’s Theatrical Flashback
Ⅴ. Coda
Works Cited
This essay investigates what is “theatrical” about Old Times, Pinter’s representative memory play, which has been hailed by many critics for its filmic experiments. At the center of these filmic readings lies the problematic presence of Anna in the opening scene and Kate’s flashback sequences. Critics have so far tried to explain Anna’s “dumb,” “untimely” presence on stage before her arrival on the narrative plane as Pinter’s filmic adaptation for convenient switching of scenes which proves his ease in “moving between the media” (Gale 89). Without falling short of proving the dexterity of the medium, however, Anna’s seeming “inelegant” existence in the opening serves to redefine/reaffirm theatricality. Rather than being confined to the closed economy of the filmic/the dramatic, Anna’s existence straddles both the fictional and the literal, the present and the past, and the live and the virtual, foregrounding theatre as a space where what is present and what pretends to be present blend together. Kate’s performative remembering in her flashback sequences operates in a metatheatrical sensibility, rendering the present as a theatre in which the alterity of the past is realized and materialized. By conflating the representation of the past onto the present performance, Anna’s theatre-in-theatre foregrounds a discontinuity between the past and the present and disrupts the presumably coherent narrative imposed by Deeley. Mobilizing the frictions and tensions between differing levels and planes, Anna’s body in the opening and Kate’s performative remembering in the flashback sequence serve to work out a theatre as a space of alterity.
Old Times, Intermediality, Metatheatre, Michael Fried, Theatricality, Memory Theatre, Josette Féral
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