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Effect of Crop Establishment and Weed Control Method on Productivity of Transplanted aman Rice -
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저자 Mohammad Ali Shahidul Haque Bir Habibur Rahman Sultana Kaniz Ayesha Aminul Hoque Harun-Ar-Rashid Rashidul Islam Kee Woong Park
발행기관 한국잡초학회
간행물정보 Weed&Turfgrass Science 2018년, Weed&Turfgrass Science Vol.7 No.2, 120page~129page(총10page)
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Effect of Crop Establishment and Weed Control Method on Productivity of Transplanted aman Rice -
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부제 :
This experiment was conducted to find the most suitable crop establishment method and weed management practices for transplanted aman rice in Bangladesh. Rice variety Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) dhan44 was used as planting materials where three crop establishment methods (T₁: direct wet seeding by drum seeder; T₂: hand broadcasting; T₃: transplanting) and four weeding options (W₁: Hand weeding (HW); W₂: BRRI weeder+HW; W₃: Herbicide+HW; and W4: no weeding) were tested. Among the crop establishment methods, the highest grain yield (5.12 t ㏊-1) was obtained with the T₃, while the highest benefit cost ratio (BCR) of 2.08 was found in T₂. In case of the weed management method, W1 showed superior results on the plant density/㎡ (139.66) at 60 days after transplanting (DAT), grain yield (4.97 t ㏊-1), and BCR (2.03). On the other hand, the highest plant dry matter (36.20 g) at 60 DAT and the highest yield (6.10 t ha-1) were obtained in a T₃W₁ combination. The results of this study show that the productivity of rice during aman season could be most significantly increased with the use of transplanting (T₃) alone, hand weeding (W₁) alone, or a combination of the two methods (T₃W₁).
Transplanted aman rice, Weed control method, Crop establishment method, Yield
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