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The Effect of back muscle strengthening on the quality of chest compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation -
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저자 Seong-Woo Yun
발행기관 한국컴퓨터정보학회
간행물정보 한국컴퓨터정보학회논문지 2019년, 한국컴퓨터정보학회 논문지 제24권 제2호(통권 제179호), 157page~161page(총5page)
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Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Methodology
Ⅲ. Results
Ⅳ. Discussion
Ⅴ. Conclusions
In this paper, the researcher investigated whether strengthening the back muscles affects the quality of chest compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation by university students. A total of 50 students majoring in healthcare were included from September 2018 to November. The participants performed chest compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for 2 min after back muscle strength was measured. Then, after adequate rest, the participants repeated the back muscle strength measurements and chest compressions after taping the erector spinae muscle. The paired t-test was performed to analyze changes in chest compression quality after taping. As results, taping enhanced back muscle strength and positively affected the depth of chest compressions and the compression to recoil ratio. Taping also increased confidence and lowered fatigability during chest compressions, so the participants preferred being taped while performing chest compressions. Based on these results, taping could help emergency room medical personnel specialized in CPR to enhance the quality of CPR and relieve back pain and fatigability by strengthening the back muscles.
Cardiac arrest, Back muscle strength, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Chest compression, Taping
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