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Cost Benefit Analysis of Adaptive Solar Control and View Management - Case study of an office building in New York City
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저자 Kang, Oscar
발행기관 한국생태환경건축학회
간행물정보 한국생태환경건축학회 논문집 2019년, 한국생태환경건축학회 논문집 제19권 제1호(통권 제95호), 17page~24page(총8page)
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부제 :
1. Introduction
2. Theory
3. Case Study & Analysis
4. Conclusion
Purpose: Commercially available adaptive exterior shading application is evaluated through a cost benefit analysis of a case study office building in New York City. Analysis is performed on an actual project with a client and stake-holders during early phases of design. The purpose of this analysis is to utilize findings from recent research and real cost data from the field and to apply it to everyday architectural practice. By providing general cost information for investors and stake-holders, often a deciding factor on its implementation, an informed decision can be made on the use of adaptive exterior solar control in a office building in New York City. Method: The design of the case study building was observed by the author in an architectural design firm in New York City with initial cost data obtained through correspondence with local installers. A key assumption in the analysis was factoring in productivity gains, in addition to reduced energy consumption, peak load reduction, and reduced carbon dioxide(CO₂) emissions based on quantitative results from recent research. Result: With recent literature reporting minimal total energy reduction in a similar climate region, the projected return on investment of adaptive solar management is significantly influenced by increased productivity gains.
Dynamic, View Management, Case Study, Automated, Sustainable, Building, Adaptive Solar Control
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