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Application of Time in New Media Art - Centered on Individual Artwork “Every Minute and Every Second”
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저자 Tingting Liu Younghoon Lim Joonki Paik
발행기관 중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원
간행물정보 TECHART: Journal of Arts and Imaging Science 2019년, TECHART: Journal of Arts and Imaging Science Vol.6 No.1, 1page~4page(총4page)
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부제 :
1. Introduction
2. The production process of the artwork
3. Display and Decoration
4. Conclusion
New media art represents the combination of art, digital media, sound, light, electricity, and other modern technologies. Interactivity is the most significant feature of new media art. As a consequence, the communication between author and audience has been significantly enhanced. Since the development of art, time has been among the main themes of artistic work that has constantly provided innovation and breakthroughs. Moreover, time is likewise among the main themes of performance of new media artworks. By analyzing the new media artwork “Every Minute and Every Second,” and comparing it with other related new media art works, this article sets out to analyze the application of time in new media art.
interactivity, New media art, time, projection
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