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Brief Analysis of Body Narrative and Symbol Symbolism in New Media Art -
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저자 YaZhou Song Hyung-gi Kim
발행기관 중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원
간행물정보 TECHART: Journal of Arts and Imaging Science 2019년, TECHART: Journal of Arts and Imaging Science Vol.6 No.1, 5page~8page(총4page)
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부제 :
1. Introduction
2. Related Works
3. Introduction to Chains
4. Conclusion
With the rapid development of new media art, artists attach more and more importance to body narrative and symbol symbolism. The famous futurist, Alvin Toffler, once said, "At present, we are in the final stage of the information age. In future, we will be in the perceptual era in which the dream and stories dominate people". The body is the fundamental place of existence, action, desire, experience, and perception of human beings. It is also a cultural symbol with multiple meanings, which is closely related to society, history, and religion. Most symbols have a known artistic symbolism. The application of symbols gives works of art an richer connotation and facilitates easier and more accurate emotional expression. Through the study of the body narrative, symbol symbolism, and related art works, this paper expounds and analyzes the application of body narrative and symbols in new media art. On this basis, using the body and the understanding of the symbol of things, Chains can evoke a strong connection with people at the spiritual level. Consequently, the audience can get emotional resonance in the process of watching.
body narrative, art symbolism, New media art
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