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Pattern and degree of radiation exposure during endovascular surgery performed using a mobile C-arm or in a hybrid room -
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저자 Cheng Quan Sang Su Lee
발행기관 대한외과학회
간행물정보 Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research 2019년, Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research Vol.96 No.3, 131page~137page(총7page)
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부제 :
Purpose: A prospective study was conducted to compare radiation exposure to different parts of an endovascular surgeon’s body when using a mobile C-arm with that in a hybrid room.
Methods: Exposure during individual procedures performed on 39 patients with a mobile C-arm and 42 patients in a hybrid room, from July 2016 to December 2016, was evaluated.
Results: The procedures performed, fluoroscopy time, and dose-area product were not significantly different between groups. The dose-area product per second in the hybrid room group appeared greater than in the C-arm group (4.5 μGym²/sec vs. 3.1 μGym²/sec). In the C-arm group, the peak skin dose on the right neck (1.77 mSv) and shoulder (1.48 mSv) appeared higher than those on their left side (0.32 mSv, 0.53 mSv, respectively) and the counterparts of the hybrid room group (0.88 mSv, 0.20 mSv, respectively).
Conclusion: The peak skin dose in the hybrid room appeared highest for the lower part of the protective apron. The dosearea product per second seemed to be greater in the hybrid room than when using the C-arm. Thus, attention should be focused on protecting the surgeon’s upper body when using the C-arm and the lower body when using the hybrid room.
Endovascular procedures, Operating rooms, Fluoroscopy, Radiation, Surgeons
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