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Extracorporeal Life Support in Adult Patients with Hematologic Malignancies and Acute Circulatory and/or Respiratory Failure -
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저자 Sungbin Cho Won Chul Cho Ju Yong Lim Pil Je Kang
발행기관 대한흉부외과학회
간행물정보 대한흉부외과학회지 2019년, The Korean Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Vol.52 No.1, 25page~31page(총7page)
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ORIGINAL ARTICLE : Clinical outcomes of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support in patients with hematologic malignancies
The Korean Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases : Slide Session ; OS-096 : Critical Care ; Utility of High-Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy for Acute Respiratory Failure in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies: A Retrospective Study in a Si
Free Paper Presentation : OS-96 ; Utility of High-Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy for Acute Respiratory Failure in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies: A Retrospective Study in a Single Center
Acute Kidney Injury and Prognosis in Adult Respiratory FailureM Patients with Veno-venous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
S-360 ECMO as a rescue therapy for acute respiratory failure during chemotherapy in a patient with AML
부제 :
Background: The primary goal of this study was to characterize the clinical outcomes of adult patients with hematologic malignancies (HM) who were treated with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support when conventional treatments failed. Methods: In this retrospective, observational study at a tertiary medical center, we reviewed the clinical course of 23 consecutive patients with HM requiring ECMO who were admitted to the intensive care unit at Asan Medical Center from March 2010 to April 2015. Results: A total of 23 patients (8 female; median age, 44 years; range, 29–51 years) with HM and severe acute circulatory and/or respiratory failure received ECMO therapy during the study period. Fourteen patients received veno-arterial ECMO, while 9 patients received veno-venous ECMO. The median ECMO duration was 104.7 hours (range, 37.1–221 hours). Nine patients were successfully weaned from ECMO. The in-hospital mortality rate was 91.1% (21 of 23). There were complications in 3 patients (cannulation site bleeding, limb ischemia, and gastrointestinal bleeding). Conclusion: ECMO is a useful treatment for patients with circulatory and/or pulmonary failure. However, in patients with HM, the outcomes of ECMO treatment results were very poor, so it is advisable to carefully decide whether to apply ECMO to these patients.
Mortality, Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, Hematologic neoplasms, Adult
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