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The effects of additive biomaterials and their mixed-ratios in growing medium on the growth of Quercus serrata container seedlings -
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저자 Jeong Min Seo Ji Young An Byung Bae Park Si Ho Han Woo Bin Youn Aung Aung Huong Thi Thuy Dao Min Seok Cho
발행기관 충남대학교 농업과학연구소
간행물정보 Korean Journal of Agricultural Science 2019년, Korean Journal of Agricultural Science Vol.46 No.1, 93page~102page(총10page)
파일형식 3762883 [다운로드 무료 PDF 뷰어]
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연관 논문
1993년도 박사학위논문 요지 ( Miscellaneous : Abstracts of Ph . D . Dissertation Published in 1993 ) : Stand Structure and Regeneration Pattern of Quercus mongolica Forests
1988년 2월 ( 제29회 ) 학술연구발표 논문요지 ( Miscellaneous : Abstracts of Papers Presented in 29th Annual Meeting of Korean Forestry Society ) : 조림 (造林) · 육종분야 (育種分野) ; Rooted cuttings of Quercus acutissima by media and rooting substances
조림 (造林) · 육종분야 (育種分野) : Rooted cuttings of Quercus acutissima by media and rooting substances
1987년도 박사학위논문 요지 ( Miscellaneous : Abstracts of Ph . D . Dissertations Published in 1987 ) : On Ectomycorrhizal Development and Physiological Variation of Container - Grown Quercus acutissima Seedlings Inoculated with Pisolithus tinctorius
논문 : 상수리나무 기내 (器內) Axillary Bud 의 치상부위에따른 (置床部位) 다경 (多莖) 및 발근유도 (發根誘道) 효과 ( Articles : Position Effect of Axillary Buds on Shoot Multiplication and Rooting in Bud Culture of Quercus acutissima )
부제 :
Materials and Methods
The materials of artificial soils in the production process of container seedlings have a great influence on plant growth. Peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite have been used as major components of artificial soils for many years; however, they could decrease carbon fixation carried out by the soil and cause environmental problems such as a change in the water quality. Thus, environmental friendly materials to replace them must be developed. The purpose of this study was to verify the optimum additive materials of artificial soils and their mixed ratios for the growth and seedling quality index (SQI) of Quercus serrata. Rice husk, mushroom sawdust, and pine bark were each used as an additive material and mixed into the growth medium at 10% and 20% of the total volume. There was no significant difference in the height growth of Q. serrata. The 20% mushroom sawdust decreased the root collar diameter by 23.4% compared to the control. The total dry weight was highest with the 10% rice husk and was significantly lower by 10.3% for the 20% mushroom sawdust compared to the control. Additionally, the SQI for all the treatments showed no tendency to increase compared with the control. Thus, this study showed the possibility of recycling biomaterials from agriculture and forest for seedling production. This method could reduce environmental problems and help eco-friendly nurseries to achieve a carbon negative impact by the recycling of by-products.
rice husk, pine bark, seedling quality index, mushroom sawdust, biomaterial
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