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Research on the Status of Domestic Wedding Industry -Focusing on Dress, Studios, Makeup Firms-
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저자 ( Kyeong Seob Shin )
발행기관 한국패션비즈니스학회
간행물정보 패션비즈니스 2008년, 제12권 제3호, 153~166쪽(총14쪽)
파일형식 1k900786.pdf [다운로드 무료 PDF 뷰어]
판매가격 4,400원
적립금 132원 (구매자료 3% 적립)
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연관 논문
보문 : 웨딩드레스 점포의 정보 수집 및 활용에 관한 연구 - 서울 지역을 중심으로 - ( Transactions : A Study on the Collection and Utilization of Information by Wedding Dress Shops in Seoul )
Research Paper : A Comparative Analysis on the Competitiveness of Korean and Japanese Fashion Industry by Applying Generalized Double Diamond Model
A Trend Analysis on the Research of Clothing Construction in Korea - for the recent ten years (1996 ~ 2005) -
A Study on the Women Image Expressions of Cosmetic Advertisements through the Digital Media
Theses : Research on the Perception of Wedding Planners on Hanbok as a Wedding Ceremony Dress
The purpose of this research is to analyze the overall process of the wedding industry -arranging domestic wedding firms and formulating a database related to the business. Simultaneously, with all the data in hand the research attempts to seek flaws within the wedding industry and tries to offer solutions to revitalize the industrial section. Because the list of articles is enormously expansive, for the purpose of basic research, objects have been selected according to the process presented below. Wedding-product firms have been classified within the boundaries of dresses, studios, and makeup firms; distributing channels are mainly focused on wedding planners and related-consulting firms; related departments of universities and wedding organizations are illustrated as well. Due to the unorganized system of this particular field, the research process has been conducted with materials from personal experiences, newspapers, magazines, Internet websites, documents, and interviews with wedding-related firms and organizations, and professors. As a result, over 13 subjects which formulate a market structure of over 30trillion won. However, due to lack of systemization of the industry, as it expands, numerous problems occur. Excessive competition between wedding-consulting firms and the lack of reliable education for wedding planners, unnecessary external investment and the lack of product research, false Information from the Internet puts the entire industry in a inefficient position. Organizations such as Korea Traditional clothes Industrial Union, Korea Wedding Consulting Association, Korea Martial Industrial Promotion Association(KOMIPA) etc, are made to seek for solutions. For the wedding industry to revitalize, wedding-product firms, wedding planners and consulting firms must maintain an organic relationship every season. They must systemize a proper distribution system, with wedding-product companies enhancing the quality of products, wedding planners organizing wedding plans with responsibility, and consulting firms focusing not only on profits. In order to make high-valued products, wedding-product companies must put their greatest effort in producing talented minds, and universities with related departments must do so as well. In other words, the industrial and educational section of our society must cooperate through a sophisticated system. In addition, related organizations must act to receive governmental support in order to support the industry.
wedding industry, wedding planner, wedding consulting
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