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The role of protein arginine-methyltransferase 1 in gliomagenesis
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저자 ( Shan Wang ) , ( Xiao Chao Tan ) , ( Bin Yang ) , ( Bin Yin ) , ( Jian Gang Yuan ) , ( Bo Qin Qiang ) , ( Xiao Zhong Peng )
발행기관 생화학분자생물학회(구 한국생화학분자생물학회)
간행물정보 BMB Reports 2012년, 제45권 제8호, 470~475쪽(총6쪽)
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자궁내막증에서 mcp-1의 면역조직화학적 특징 ( Immunohistochemical characteristics of Monocyte chemotactic protein-1 in the Endometrium of women with Endometriosis )
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Protein arginine methyltransferase 1 (PRMT1), a type-I arginine methyltransferase, has been implicated in diverse cellular events. We have focused on the role of PRMT1 in gliomagenesis. In this study, we showed that PRMT1 expression was up-regulated in glioma tissues and cell lines compared with normal brain tissues. The knock-down of PRMT1 resulted in an arrest in the G1-S phase of the cell cycle, proliferation inhibition and apoptosis induction in four glioma cell lines (T98G, U87MG, U251, and A172). Moreover, an in vivo study confirmed that the tumor growth in nude mouse xenografts was significantly decreased in the RNAi-PRMT1 group. Additionally, we found that the level of the asymmetric dimethylated modification of H4R3, a substrate of PRMT1, was higher in glioma cells than in normal brain tissues and decreased after PRMT1 knock-down. Our data suggest a potential role for PRMT1 as a novel biomarker of and therapeutic target in gliomas. [BMB Reports 2012; 45(8): 470-475]
Glioma, H4R3diMe, Posttranslational modification, PRMT1, Tumorgenesis
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