On the Exception to the /υ/ to /A/ Change in Early Modern English
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Chung, Inkie. 2012. On the Exception to the /υ/to/A/ Change in Early Modern English. The Linguistic Association of Korea Journal, 20(3), 39~58, This paper deals with an exception of the diachronic change in the history of the English language, i.e., the change of the short high back (lax) rounded vowel /υ/ in Middle English to the mid back/central lax unrounded vowel /A/in Modern English. This exception is best analyzed as the inalterability effect of partial geminate structure (in the sense of Hayes, 1986) due to spreading of the [labial] node of the preceding labial consonant to the following vowel. It provides support for Halle, Vaux and Wolfe`s (2000) revised articulator model, contra Clements` (1991) unified feature model. It also presents arguments supporting Halle, Vaux and Wolfe`s (2000) claim that only terminal features spread in the geometrical representation of distinctive features. The analysis employs Calabrese`s (2005) correlation statement and the notion of economy (Chomsky, 2000; Calabrese, 2005).
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