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Human Resource Management and Organizational Performance-The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment: Empirical Evidence from the Public Sector in a Non-Western Context
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저자 ( Susan Zeidan ) , ( Assaad Farah ) , ( Shadi Abouzeid )
발행기관 이화여자대학교 국제통상협력연구소
간행물정보 International Studies Review 2012년, 제13권 제1호, 1~18쪽(총18쪽)
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Research in the field of strategic human resource management has attracted a great deal of interest because of its likely impact on bottom line outcomes. Recent work in this area posits that organizational commitment can mediate the relationship between human resource management (HRM)practices and organizational performance. However, most of the studies conducted in this area were concentrated on samples gathered from private organizations, and mainly in western countries. In this paper, the impact of HRM on organizational performance is assessed. Furthermore, this research attempts to shed more light on the ``black box`` between human resource practices and organizational performance by investigating the mediating function of organizational commitment in two public sector entities within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The mediating factor was tested through regression of the data collected from a sample of 371 workers who are employed within the two aforementioned public sector entities. The main findings are in line with the outcomes of earlier HRM-performance studies conducted in western public and private sectors, where employers can expect improved organizational performance when their employees` perceptions of the HRM practices within the organization tend to foster an increase in their organizational commitment.
Human Resource Management Practices, Organizational Commitment, Organizational Performance, Public Sector, Non-Western Context
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