Articles : User agreements in social networking sites: operator and user perspective
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The emergence of varied forms of interactive communication and venues in the form of social networking sites on the Internet has posed new legal concerns for the website operators and its users. A website`s Operator runs the risk of intellectual property law violation, as it becomes next to impossible to keep track the things being uploaded and shared on the web. A website must have legal backing to function smoothly, part of which form the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policies, Users need to accept the terms in order to use such websites, However, many users overlook these terms, many do not even read it, making it a legal landmine. Using social networking sites to maintain relations, personal or professional, is very effective and beneficial, but one must be aware of his rights and limitations on the Internet. To minimize the risk of legal liability, one should pay careful attention to the website`s Terms of Use. This article introduces the concept of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and how it is used by the website operator to insulate itself. It will also discuss how the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy affect the users.
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