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The Image of God in the Book of Ezekiel and Reformed Life Theology
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저자 ( Chang Dae Kim )
발행기관 개혁주의생명신학회
간행물정보 Life and Word 2011년, 제4권 25~53쪽(총29쪽)
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This study has attempted an exploration of what is the basis of Reformed Life Theology under the sovereignty of God as shown in the image of God in the book of Ezekiel. For this, our chief attention has been devoted to Ezekiel 37 where the dried bones are made alive through the Holy Spirit. It is argued that this vision of dried bones being made alive is a metaphor symbolizing the restoration of Israel into the image of God. Indeed, the theme of the image of God is scattered in the entire book of Ezekiel in several forms, Behind the creation motif, the Eden motif, the debate of idol worship, and the issue of bloodshed/violence in Ezekiel lies the theme of the image of God. Especially, the issue of bloodshed/violence is closely related to the theme of the image of God. In Gen 9:6, it is said that bloodshed should be punished because man is created in the image of God. In this light, it may well be said that the issue of bloodshed/violence involves the creation of man into the image of God. The theme of the image of God occurs more prominently in the debate over idol worship. At the time of Ezekiel, the Mesopotamian theology regarded statues of gods as images of gods. In criticizing this theology, Ezekiel 37 suggests that when man who was originally the image of God worships idols, he will become like idols representing false images of God. And then Ezekiel 37 envisions the restoration of Israel into the image of God in the eschaton. This pattern was followed by Paul in Ephesians 2. In the end, those who are created into the image of God have the life of the Spirit within them; and those who don``t have the life of the Spirit are considered to be like idols by God.
Ezekiel, the Image of God, Reformed Life Theology, the Eschatological Temple, Eden.
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