Effects of Tensor Fasciae Latae-Iliotibial Band Self-Stretching on Lumbopelvic Movement Patterns During Active Prone Hip Lateral Rotation in Subjects With Lumbar Extension Rotation Syndrome
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( One Bin Lim ) , ( Chung Hwi Yi ) , ( Oh Yun Kwon ) , ( Heon Seock Cynn )
한국전문물리치료학회지 2012년, 제19권 제4호, 61~69쪽(총9쪽)
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    The purpose of this study was to identify the effects of tensor fasciae latae-iliotibial band (TFL-ITB) self-stretching exercise on the lumbopelvic movement patterns during active prone hip lateral rotation (HLR) in subjects with lumbar extension rotation syndrome accompanying TFL-ITB shortness. Eleven subjects (9 male and 2 female) were recruited for the two-week study. A three dimensional ultrasonic motion analysis system was used to measure the lumbopelvic movement patterns. The TFL-ITB length was measured using the modified Ober`s test and was expressed as the hip horizontal adduction angle. The subjects were instructed how to perform TFL-ITB self-stretching exercise program at home. A paired t-test was performed to determine the significant difference in the angle of lumbopelvic rotation, movement onset time of lumbopelvic rotation, TFL-ITB length, and LBP intensity before and after the two-week period of performing the TFL-ITB self-stretching exercise. The results showed that after the intervention, the lumbopelvic rotation angle decreased significantly (p<.05), the movement onset time reduced significantly (p<.05), and LBP intensity decreased slightly but not significantly (p=.07). The hip horizontal adduction angle increased significantly (p<.05) after the intervention. These findings indicate that TFL-ITB stretching exercise increased TFL-ITB length, decreased lumbopelvic rotation angle, and delayed the movement onset time of lumbopelvic rotation after two-weeks. In conclusion, the TFL-ITB self-stretching exercise performed over a period of two weeks may be an effective approach for patients with lumbar extension rotation syndrome accompanying TFL-ITB shortness.
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