TIF(Tax Increment Financing)를 적용한 주택재개발사업의 재원조달 효과분석 -서울시 뉴타운 길음 3구역사례를 중심으로-
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박태원 ( Tae Won Park ) , 김영호 ( Young Ho Kim )
부동산학연구 2012년, 제18권 제3호, 109~127쪽(총19쪽)
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    Local governments do not take the responsibility of the public facility cost for the lack of the local finance. Accordingly, private enterprises is bearing for the cost for the urban infrastructure, which delays the urban development because of the drop of the profitability due to the increase in the production cost. Although the increased tax income caused by the increase in real estate value coming from the population influx and other factors becomes the income of the local governments, the local governments do not pay for the infrastructure cost. To solve the issue, we wanted to analyze the TIF (Tax Increment Financing), which is applied in US as the financing method of the public facilities. In this study, the effect of TIF was analyzed to see how the infrastructure can be financed through the TIF in the local government, based on the case of the 3rd district of the Gireum New Town. More specifically, the installation cost for the infrastructure was estimated for the case district, and additional analysis was conducted to see how the amount of the TIF financing changes depending on inclusion of the acquisition tax. Then, the difference in yield of taxes for the pre- and post- delivery was analyzed to find the effect of TIF. In the article, the procedure of the analysis was as follows: establishing the infrastructure cost first, estimating the source of taxation depending on the duration and discount rate of the TIF finance, and inducing the amount of the TIF. Unlike the previous literature, the transactional tax, the acquisition tax, was included in the TIF financing, and the effect of the inclusion of the TIF financing in the infrastructure cost on the sales price in apartment houses was also analyzed. Also, the factors that affect the amount of the TIF financing was found and the effect of each factor was explained.
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