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Am I a Machine or am I a Human? -Focused on the in terms of Human/Machine Broken down by the Concept of the Post-human
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저자 ( Young Mi Rhee )
발행기관 한국디지털영상학회
간행물정보 디지털영상학술지 2012년, 제9권 71~92쪽(총22쪽)
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판매가격 5,200원
적립금 156원 (구매자료 3% 적립)
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Technological developments are perhaps capable of leading us out of the current period of oppression and into a post-human era in which questions arise: What is a posthuman? Theoretical posthumanism seems to release the body from the compulsion and allow it to wander freely and join with other beings. MacCormack(2004) states that the body is itself more potential that articulate-able. There are more things a body can do than we can ever suggest. The aim of this essay is to examine the relationship between the human/machine and body/mind and subject/object broken down by the concept of the posthuman. To doing so, I explored the film Existenz(1999) comparing with other science fiction films. Furthermore, this essay attempted to prove that the existence I established by traditional humanism, is faltering on the indeterminate foundation by capturing the moment of the reconfiguration of the self I. We found multiple signification in the film EXistenZ(1999) which is sharing the experience about connection with the machine with the viewer. Suggesting a new version of humanism, the film allows us to involve in the post-modern approach to the machine beyond modern humanism. Virtual reality technology produces the idea which blurs the boundaries between actual and virtual reality and between humans and machines. While experiencing the virtual environment given by the connection with the machine, the viewer can find new forms of identity. One might it call this the identity of cyborgism. Technology gradually eliminates basic binaries of the human/machine, mind/body and the subject/object and perhaps some others. The relationship between humans and machines remains not only still potential but also ambivalent for the technology might come back to us in unexpected way. Human experience can be brought beyond the inherent limits of human`s body. It is not always equivalent to our own body. It can be detected outside of the body. Therefore, another might be found not only in the film but also somewhere in the near future. We might call it postmodern society.
post-humanism, cyborgism, Existenz, MacCormack, mind/body
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