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저자 이효원 ( Hyo Won Lee )
발행기관 한국연극학회
간행물정보 한국연극학 2014년, 제52권 359~397쪽(총39쪽)
파일형식 0b200705.pdf [다운로드 무료 PDF 뷰어]
판매가격 6,900원
적립금 207원 (구매자료 3% 적립)
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연관 논문
교육연극과 연극치료의 경계 - 창의적인 연극놀이 수업에서 K의 사례 연구
성매매피해 청소년을 위한 연극치료 사례 고찰
제의적 연극치료 연구 -제닝스와 존스를 중심으로
논문 : 발달장애 아동들을 위한 연극치료 사례연구 -심리학적 접근을 중심으로-
꿈 분석을 통한 자기이해 사례 연구
This paper describes dramatherapy with a bulmina nervosa patient. She was in her early 20s and has been under the various psychotherapies for cure of deep depression since 2005. We had 24 sessions and 3 persons - the patient, the therapist, and the assist-therapist- participated in dramatherapy. I found there``s a big collision between her important roles in the course of initial interview and diagnosis. Those roles are ``a good daughter of mom`` and ``an independent adult``. Therefore I defined her bulmina nervosa as ``an symbolic behavior repeats compulsively the failure of separation from her mother.`` And I set the general goals, the separation from her mother, the awareness and expression of negative emotions, and the diminuation of overeating and vomiting. To attain these object, we had many different dramatic experiences in dramatherapy. We made a self-portrait, the mask of bulmina nervosa, family sculpture, figure work, the past I and the present I, psychodramatic scene and several stories. In order to objective assessment, I used behavioral observation and 6PSM(6 Pieces Story Making) analysis. First of all the most noticeable change was a rapid decrease in over-eating and vomiting. Before the dramatherapy she had overeaten 30 times per week. At the closure it has fallen off to 1 time per week. Another behavioral changes were shift of outward appearance, not going church, working for living, and having a date with only one. She made 3 stories on 1th session, 13th session, and 23th session. And I comparatively analysed those stories with both qualitative and quantitative method. For qualitative analysis, I classified 5 structures according to the substantial similrarity. On protagonist structure, there``s no difference. Three protagonists are dead things. The type of task structure is changed from an escape, a traveling, to metamorphosis. The type of obstruction structure is changed from the protagonist to an outside object. The type of closure structure is changed from an exaggerated happy ending, sad ending to probable happy ending. To quantitify the aspects of transformation, I developed an assesment tool using likert scale. It is composed of 4 sub-categories-reality testing, imagination, ego-strength, optimism problem-solving. In reality testing category, a shift of score was 9-11-15, imagination 2-5-5, ego strength 3-2-2, optimism 6-3-7, and total score 20-21-29. This change of score reflects the growth of problem solving capacity. Viewed in this light, dramatherapy with this girl was successful on the whole. The thing had significant effect on it was psycho-dynamic approach focused on separation from her mother and defence mechanism to avoid negative emotion. And assessment method used in this case will be full of suggestions to researches to come.
연극치료, dramatherapy, 폭식증, bulmina nervosa, 분리, separation, 여섯 조각 이야기, 6 pieces story making, 평가, assessment
본 논문은 참고용 논문으로 수정 및 텍스트 복사가 되지 않습니다.
인격장애의 원인과 증상 및 치료방법, 인격장애 환자의 사례, 인격장애의 개념과 유형
인지행동이론 장단점과 강박장애환자의 인지행동치료개입 사례
성인암, 암에대한이해, 암의치료방법, 암환자간호, 암환자가족간호, 성인암환자문제사정, 성인암환자문제해결과정, 성인암환자사례
[의료사회복지] 성인암, 암에대한이해, 암의치료방법, 암환자간호, 암환자가족간호, 성인암환자문제사정, 성인암환자문제해결과정, 성인암환자사례
[성인간호학 2015년] 당뇨병 분류, 당뇨병 환자 치료중재, 당뇨병환자 합병증과 간호, 당뇨병합병증 중 1가지 이상 발생한 당뇨병환자 사례, 환자교육교육방법 선택 그 이유, 구체적인 교육내용 효과(성과) 지표 측정
성인간호학-1) 당뇨병의분류와 당뇨병환자의 일반적인치료중재 및 당뇨병환자들에게 나타날수있는 합병증과 이에대한간호를서술, 2)당뇨병합병증 중 1가지이상 발생한 환자의사례,본인이교육
성인간호학)당뇨병의 분류와 당뇨병 환자의 일반적인치료중재 및 당뇨병 환자들에게 나타날수있는 합병증과 이에대한 간호를서술, 성인간호학 당뇨병합병증 중 1가지이상 발생한환자의사례를제시
성인간호학)1.당뇨병의 분류와 당뇨병 환자의 일반적인치료중재 및 당뇨병 환자들에게 나타날수있는 합병증과 이에대한 간호를 서술하시오 2.당뇨병 합병증중 1가지이상 발생한환자의 사례
성인간호학- 1)당뇨병의 분류와 당뇨병 환자의 일반적인치료중재 및 당뇨병 환자들에게 나타날수있는 합병증과 이에대한 간호를 서술하시오 2)당뇨병 합병증중 1가지이상 발생한환자의 사례
[미술치료]미술치료의 개념,발달, 미술치료의 프로그램,소조활동, 미술치료와 재활환자,자아개념, 미술치료의 사례, 미술치료의 장점
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