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2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio: A Study of the Interest Hype among Adventists in Southern Ghana
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저자 ( Josiah B. Andor )
발행기관 삼육대학교 선교와사회문제연구소
간행물정보 Asia-Africa Journal of Mission and Ministry(AAMM) 2016년, 제13권 31~46쪽(총16쪽)
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Sabbath Observance among the Akan`s of Ghana and Its Impact on the Growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ghana
This paper examined the Interest or Hype among members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Southern Ghana in the 2015 General Conference Session which took place in San Antonio. The focus of the study was to identify reasons why most Adventists in Ghana became interested in the San Antonio GC Session, unlike with previous GC Sessions. Using questionnaires to sample views from 158 randomly selected members from three conferences in the Southern part of Ghana, this study discovers that a majority of members who, until 2015, didn’t know much about GC Sessions and had no interest in GC Sessions, became interested in the 2015 GC Session because of the issue of women’s ordination that was on the agenda. This subject kept them continuously interested and it made them to follow proceedings at the session. The study also shows that the interest of members was kept alive due to the rampant discussion of the session and the issue of women’s ordination on social media. The paper recommends that to keep members interested in future GC Sessions, the agenda should include engaging subjects that members will be keen to follow. Also, church leaders can resort to the use of social media to get members actively involved and interested.
General Conference, 2015 GC Session, San Antonio, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Ghana, Women`s ordination
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