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North Korea, Nuclear Weapons, and the Stability-Instability Paradox
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저자 ( Terence Roehrig )
발행기관 한국국방연구원
간행물정보 Korean journal of defense analysis 2016년, 제28권 제2호, 181~198쪽(총18쪽)
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Confrontation and Cooperation on the Korean Peninsula: The Politics of Nuclear Nonproliferation
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The Birth and Revival of North Korea’s Denuclearization Policy for the Korean Peninsula1
As the chances wane of North Korea relinquishing its nuclear weapons, how will this capability affect its behavior and tolerance of risk? Increasingly, scholars are using the Cold War concept of a stability-instability paradox to describe the possibility of Pyongyang being more willing to tolerate risk and conduct increased numbers of lower-level provocations under the cover of nuclear weapons. North Korea has long been tolerant of accepting a great deal of risk prior to its acquisition of nuclear weapons, and it is not clear if nuclear weapons have increased that tolerance..or as some have argued, it may actually decrease North Korea’s risk tolerance, making it more cautious. While North Korea’s rhetorical barrages in recent years have exceeded past outbursts, and weapons testing has done a great deal to rattle nerves, much of this can be viewed as part of its deterrence-posturing and less of the more aggressive, status quo-altering actions predicted by the stability-instability paradox.
North Korea, nuclear weapons, stability-instability paradox, deterrence, risk tolerance, South Korea, ROK-U.S. Alliance, nuclear proliferation
본 논문은 참고용 논문으로 수정 및 텍스트 복사가 되지 않습니다.
[북한경제의이해] 베트남과 북한 경제 정책에 영향을 준 외부적 요인들(번역)
[북한경제의 이해] 북한경제의 이해 원문 번역
[언론] 언론사 시험문제 모음
[국제커뮤니케이션] 6자 회담에 대한 영국 신문 기사 분석- The Guardian VS. The Telegraph
러시아의 모든것-러시아의 문화, 정치, 법류 및 경제 시스템(영문)
[911테러, 안보] 9.11테러리즘의 안보적 의미와 교훈, 9.11테러 이후 한반도주변환경의 변화, 9.11테러와 미국의 신안보전략, 미국의 신안보전략의 실행과 제약 요인, 한반도 안보를 위한 당면 과제, 시사점 분석
국가공무원 영어기출문제(1993~2006년 9급,7급,국회8급기출문제집)
북한과 이란의 핵개발 전략과 목표 그리고 미국의 대응
NorthKorea기사 분석과 요약
WMD의 확산(영문)
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