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Exchange rate pass-through and inflation in Australia, China and India: A comparative study with disaggregated data
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저자 ShrabaniSaha , ZhaoyongZhang
발행기관 한양대학교 경제연구소
간행물정보 JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH 2016년, 제21권 제1호, 1~33쪽(총33쪽)
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This article analyses the exchange rate shocks and its pass-through to various levels of prices in two emerging economies and one developed country by employing a structural VAR framework over the period 1990-2011. We assess the pass-through into import, export, producer and consumer prices in Australia, China and India in industries including mining, agriculture and manufacturing. We test whether the exchange rate pass-through to import prices is more complete in any particular sector and estimate the pass-through to consumer prices to investigate whether there is any linkage between the pass-through and the average inflation rate across these countries. The impulse responses indicate that exchange rates have less effect in the rising mining and natural resources prices in Australia than in China and India. Moreover, the pass-through of exchange rate to aggregate consumer prices is greater in China and India than Australia. This will have important policy implications for the monetary authorities.
exchange rate pass-through (ERPT), structural VAR model, Australia, China and India, disaggregate data
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