Assessing the Role of Health Concerns in Determining Meat Consumption Pattern in the U.S.
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저자 ( Wanki Moon )
발행기관 한국농업경제학회
간행물정보 KOREAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS(KJAT) 2009년, 제50권 제3호, 43~64쪽(총22쪽)
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This article reports empirical evidence concerning the effects of consumers’ health concerns on U.S. meat consumption pattern of five meat categories including beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and fish. Using NPD household diary data reporting bi-weekly consumption frequencies of the five meat categories, we used generalized Heckman’s model to take into account significant portion of zero servings and contemporaneous correlations across the five equations and estimate demand elasticities with respect to health concerns. Results show that red meat (beef and pork) consumption was negatively associated with health concerns, while white meat (chicken and turkey) and fish were linked to health concerns positively. Estimated elasticities were less than one for all five categories with turkey consumption (0.7355) being most responsive to health concerns, followed by fish (0.6048), pork (-0.5061), chicken (0.4420), and beef (-0.3081).
Meat Consumption, Health Concerns, Generalized Heckman`s Model, Demand Elasticities for Health Concerns, Contemporaneous correlation
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