Estimation of Consumers` Willingness-to-Pay for Eco-friendly Mandarine with the Multiple Bounded Discrete Choice Method
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저자 ( Hyun Joung Jin )
발행기관 한국농업경제학회
간행물정보 KOREAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS(KJAT) 2012년, 제53권 제3호, 21~41쪽(총21쪽)
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This study revisits the argument that the multiple bounded discrete choice (MBDC) format embraces the dichotomous choice (DC), payment card, and open-ended (OE) formats. We want to see whether or not the argument is supported in the field of eco-friendly fruits in South Korea. Consumers’ marginal WTP for eco-friendly mandarine over generic one is estimated through the MBDC approach and the results are compared with results from previous studies that utilized other CVM question formats toward the same commodity. The results show that the 95% confidence interval of WTP under ‘probably yes’ includes those from the OE approach in previous studies, and the confidence interval under ‘not sure’ comprises that from the double-bounded DC method in an earlier study. This study also compares estimated WTP for eco-friendly mandarine with market prices.
contingent valuation method, multiple bounded discrete choice method, eco-friendly mandarine, willingness to pay
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