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저자 김만호 ( Man-ho Kim )
발행기관 전남대학교 호남학연구원
간행물정보 호남문화연구 2016년, 제59권 189~223쪽(총35쪽)
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판매가격 6,500원
적립금 195원 (구매자료 3% 적립)
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Kim Su-yeon (1405-1455), who is from Naju, South Jeolla Province, made a contribution of Northern settlement during the reign of King Sejong. Kim Tak, a great-grandfather of Kim Su-yeon, retired to the countryside, in Naju due to the establishment of the new Joseon dynasty. There he began the Sijungtakpa branch of the Gimhae Kim clan. While Kim Su-yeon worked as a military officer in the early part of the reign of King Sejong, he took the alseongsi examination in military science in September 1434 (16th year of the Sejong era). He excelled in military arts and in the classics, finishing in first place, showing his dual capacity in literature and war. The scarlet certification, or hongpae (issued by royal edict to such qualifiers at the time), is still maintained by his descendants today. This material is extremely rare and carries immense significance. It also works as an aid in understanding the Gyeongguk Daejeon (Great Book of State Service), the tasks of old bureaucrats and royal seals and so forth. Immediately after passing, Kim was selected to be Choi Yun-deok’s official of the army. In January of 1435 (17th year of Sejong’s reign), 2,700 Jurchen cavalry soldiers invaded Yeoyeon fortress. Kim successfully defended the castle, subsequently led a squad of crack troops and successfully pursuing enemy forces without being caught in any ambushes. In 1438, while working under Kim Jong-seo in the 6 jin (outposts) area, Kim Su-yeon ruled over the Gyeong-heung area. In 1443, High General Kim Su-yeon won acclaim for meritorious deeds in the Battle of Bocheong Riverbanks (Bocheong-po) at Jongseong. In August 1455 (first year of Sejo), while in charge of frontier areas as a commanding general, Kim met his fate. As an adept student and capable officer, Kim Su-yeon readily passed the national examinations, going on to work in the North and Northeast, at the Sagun-Yukjin area(literally, “four counties, six outposts”). Kim, working with Choi Yun-deok and Kim Jong-seo, was instrumental in implementing King Sejong’s plan for the settlement of the North. Further studies of their work and that of other officers and generals bureaucrats are hoped to yield yet more concrete details on the implementation of the Northern Settlement Campaign.
King Sejong, wangji (royal edict), Northern Settlement, Sagun-yukjin, hongpae (red certificate of the national examination), military science examination, Gyeongguk Daejeon, boin (royal seal)
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