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조선시대 나주지역 입향 현조(顯祖)의 활동과 추숭(追崇) 선양(宣揚) 양상 -김해김씨 시중공파 김수연(金壽延), 김호인(金好仁)을 중심으로
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저자 박미선 ( Mi-sun Park )
발행기관 전남대학교 호남학연구원
간행물정보 호남문화연구 2016년, 제59권 225~258쪽(총34쪽)
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판매가격 6,400원
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연관 논문
선산김씨 문중활동의 지역문화적 의의 - 文簡公派를 중심으로
In Naju region, Kim Su-yeon is represented as loyalty. He died in a hunger strike as Sejo dethroned King Danjong. But, his son Kim Ho-in was a Wonjong meritorious retainer of Class II by performing a meritorious deed for the throne of King Sejo. How can we understand the father’s and his son’s loyalty to the two Kings of dethroned Danjong and dethroning Sejo respectively? With the questioning, this study reviewed the activities of Kim Su-yeon and Kom Ho-in, and the posthumous promotion or exaltation of them made by their descendants Since Kim Su-yeon’s great-grandfather, Kim Tak first settled down in Naju region in the end of Goryeo, the Kim family has resided in Naju for generations. Kim Su-yeon from the family of civil public office entered military public office, and dedicated himself into development of 4-Gun and 6-Jin on which King Sejong focused. In recognition of his contribution, he was appointed to the honorable position in Jungchuwon, bestowed of a residence with one hundred rooms in Naju, and a ritual funeral was held at his death. As above mentioned, Shijungkong Group in the Kims of Kimhae established financial foundation to reside in Naju. Kim Ho-in entered politics by passing the civil official examination in the transition period around Gaeyujeongnan. He contributed to Sejo’s taking the throne with those who passed the civil official examination with him. He was in charge of national defence and diplomatics on which King Sejo focused, which was possible through his old friendship with Shin Suk-ju. It can be said that Kim Su-yeon established the foundation of Shijungkong Group in the Kims of Kimhae by passing the military official examination and Kim Ho-in kept the family’s fortune in the period of political transition in 1450’s. After that, the descendants hardly stood out in central government office except for the public posts around 6th-Poom (6th class nobility). Thus, the posthumous promotion or honoring ancestors of Shijungkong Group in the Kims of Kimhae in Naju region is different from the general cases in the end of Chosun Dynasty. There was no canonization of their ancestor by building Seowon or Sawoo. The distinguished ancestors were shown in the personage record of the town chronicle called Sachan Eupji, and their stories excavated were additionally recorded in the genealogy. The descendants entered the central government office and individually made effort for their ancestors’ posthumous promotion or improvement of the burial mounds. This way for posthumous promotion or exaltation of the ancestors can be regarded as less important compared with building Seowon, but it is helpful to understand the way of exaltation of distinguished ancestors from the gentry class called Jejisajok in a country village, Hyangchon.
Honoring, Posthumous promotion, Exaltation, The Kims of Kimhae, Kim Su-yeon, Kim Ho-in, Naju, Shijungkong Group, Genealogy, Distinguished ancestor, Settling down
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