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Changing Context, Persistent Frames: The United States and the Absence of Multilateral Institutions in Post-Cold War East Asia
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저자 ( Clint Work )
발행기관 이화여자대학교 국제통상협력연구소
간행물정보 Asian International Studies Review 2016년, 제17권 제1호, 77~100쪽(총24쪽)
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After the Cold War, conditions appeared ripe for the formation of new multilateral institutions that would have more accurately reflected the altered distribution of power in East Asia. However, no new or robust institutions were established. Despite the value of certain historical and structural arguments, this study emphasizes the role of the United States in contributing to this outcome. Building upon critical historiography, this article sketches three frames of U.S. foreign policy held by U.S. elites (including: expansion, preponderance, and exceptionalism), traces their operation in the discourse and rationales behind U.S. policy during the post-Cold War interregnum, and argues that these frames worked against any attempt by the United States to establish new multilateral institutions.
Critical Historiography, U.S. Foreign Policy Frames, Post-Cold War Interregnum, Economic Expansion, Preponderance, American Exceptionalism, Hierarchy
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