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East Asian "Econophoria" in Theory and Practice
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저자 ( Brendan Howe )
발행기관 이화여자대학교 국제통상협력연구소
간행물정보 Asian International Studies Review 2016년, 제17권 제1호, 101~120쪽(총20쪽)
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``Econophoria`` is the hope that the solution of all governance challenges, whether international or domestic, can be sought through economic growth and development. It is prevalent in the East Asian region, where tremendous economic development success stories have gone hand-in-hand with lengthy periods without interstate war. This paper explores the theoretical underpinnings and antecedents for econophoria, and how it has manifest in practice in East Asia. It also raises, however, a number of questions which challenge the underlying assumptions of peace though trade and economic growth paradigms in East Asia. How does the skewed wealth distribution that is associated with macro-economic growth affect the internal stability and peace of the societies in East Asia? Does this have an impact on the propensity of the governments to contain the conflicts they have with their neighbours at a level of low tension? Is the pursuit of economic growth prior to, or at the expense of, human rights and the wellbeing of the most vulnerable sustainable in the contemporary international operating environment?
Econophoria, East Asia, Peace, Trade, Interdependence, Development
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