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저자 ( J. Hayashi ) , ( F. Akamatsu )
발행기관 한국액체미립화학회
간행물정보 한국액체미립화학회 학술발표논문집 2016년, 제2016권 1~7쪽(총7쪽)
파일형식 51301645.pdf [다운로드 무료 PDF 뷰어]
판매가격 4,000원
적립금 120원 (구매자료 3% 적립)
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연관 논문
Two-Dimensional Imaging of Early Stage of Soot Formation in Diesel Spray Flame by LIF technique -
A Study on the Characteristics of Soot Formation with C/H Ratio of Fuel in Diffusion Flame -
대형 급속압축장치내 분무하염의 연소와 Soot 생성에 관한 수치적 모델 -
Effect of Liquid Fuels on the PAH and Soot Formation -
Emissions of Marine Heavy Fuel Oil in the Spray Flame -
The effects of fuel droplet size and droplet size distribution on soot formation in spray flames formed in a laminar counterflow are investigated experimentally and numerically. Sauter mean diameter (SMD) and droplet size distribution (DSD) of fuel spray (n-decane) is carefully controlled independently from the other spray characteristics using a frequency-tunable vibratory orifice atomizer. The two-dimensional spatial distributions of soot volume fraction and soot particle size are measured by laser induced incandescence (LII) and time resolved LII (TIRE-LII), respectively. In addition, the soot formation processes are examined in detail by conducting a two-dimensional direct numerical simulation (DNS) employing a kinetically based soot model with flamelet model. The results show that the soot formation area and location are strongly affected by the fuel spray characteristics. As the SMD of the fuel spray increases, the average soot formation area expands, whereas local suppression of soot formation is instantaneously observed in the spray flames because of the appearance of groups of unburned droplets. The soot formation area in the cases of Polydispersed-DSD decreased compared to the cases of the Quasi mono-DSD under the same SMD condition. This tendency was caused by differences of the flame structures. In addition, the size of soot particles tend to be larger in the outer part of the soot formation area compared to soot in the inner part. This is because the surface growth of soot particles markedly proceeds compared to the coagulation and oxidation.
Spray Flame, Soot formation, Laser Induced Incandescence, Droplet Size Distribution
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