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Development of Two-color Radiation Thermometer for Harsh Environments
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저자 ( Mohammed Ali Alshaikh Mohammed ) , ( Kim Ki-seong )
발행기관 한국액체미립화학회
간행물정보 한국액체미립화학회지 2016년, 제21권 제4호, 184~194쪽(총11쪽)
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Many industrial processes require reliable temperature measurements in harsh environments with high temperature, dust, humidity, and pressure. However, commercially-available conventional temperature measurement devices are not suitable for use in such conditions. This study thus proposes a reliable, durable two-color radiation thermometer (RT) for harsh environments that was developed by selecting the appropriate components, designing a suitable mechanical structure, and compensating environmental factors such as absorption by particles and gases. The two-color RT has a simple, compactlydesigned probe with a well-structured data acquisition system combined with efficient LabVIEW-based code. As a result, the RT can measure the temperature in real time, ranging from 300 to 900℃ in extremely harsh environments, such as that above the burden zone of a blast furnace. The error in the temperature measurements taken with the proposed twocolor RT compared to that obtained using K-type thermocouple readouts was within 6.1 to 1.4℃ at a temperature range from 200 to 700℃. The effects of absorption by gases including CO2, CO and H2O and the scattering by fine particles were calculated to find the transmittance of the two wavelength bands of operation through the path between the measured burden surface and the two-color probe. This method is applied to determine the transmittance of the short and long wavelength bands to be 0.31 and 0.51, respectively. Accordingly, the signals that were measured were corrected, and the true burden surface temperature was calculated. The proposed two-color RT and the correction method can be applied to measure temperatures in harsh environments where light-absorbing gases and scattering particles exist and optical components can be contaminated.
Temperature measurement, Radiation thermometer, Harsh environment
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