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The Role of Complement in the Immunologic Microenvironment of Tumor Cells: Potential Therapeutic Targets
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저자 ( Kyeong Beom Jo ) , ( Alison Snape )
발행기관 한국미생물생명공학회(구 한국산업미생물학회)
간행물정보 한국미생물·생명공학회지 2016년, 제44권 제4호, 420~431쪽(총12쪽)
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The complement system comprises a set of essential molecules that bridge the innate and adaptive immune responses. Research has focused on how the complement system`s destructive mechanism could potentially be harnessed for cancer treatment. However, cancer subverts the complement system to avoid immunosurveillance. In addition, a complement-triggered biological mechanism that contributes to cancer growth has been identified. Thus, drugs should be designed to homeostatically maintain a normal concentration of complement. This review explores three types of complement-related anti-cancer drugs: therapeutic antibodies, complement inhibitory drugs, and anti-complement regulatory drugs.
Complement, immune system, tumour cells, immunosurveillance, inflammation, therapeutics
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