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The Effect of Swiss Ball Program on Lower Extremity Function of Elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment
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저자 ( Yu Jin Lee ) , ( Jae Young Park ) , ( Hyun Jeong Park ) , ( Hee Joon Shin ) , ( Duk Kyu Choi ) , ( Hyung Soo Shin )
발행기관 국제물리치료학회
간행물정보 Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research 2014년, 제5권 제1호, 691~696쪽(총6쪽)
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The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of swiss ball program training on lower extremity function of old elderly with mild cognitive impairment. The subjects were 30 mild cognitive impairment eldrly people aged between 65 and 80, who were divided into the swiss ball program training group(n=15) and the control group(n=15). The swiss ball program training group engaged in a 50-minute exercise session using. Lower extremity function scale of the two groups were measured before and after the intervention. The results are as follows. According to the swiss ball program training conducted to examine the effects of the training on lower extremity function, Moreover, the two groups showed significant differences in lower extremity function. These results indicate that virtual reality training is effective in improving lower extremity function. To conclusion, swiss ball program was found to have a positive effect on elderly lower extremity function. Swiss ball program training can be proposed as a form of fall prevention exercise for the mild cognitive impairment. Swiss ball program may be helpful to reduce the incidence of dementia and behavioral complications.
Mild Cognitive Impairment, Lower Extremity Function, Swiss Ball, Program
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