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The Effect that the Application of Time-Based Electrolysis Has on Acute Ischemia
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저자 ( Jung Sook Lee ) , ( Young Wha Song ) , ( Sung Won Kim )
발행기관 국제물리치료학회
간행물정보 Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research 2015년, 제6권 제2호, 846~851쪽(총6쪽)
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This neurological damage accelerates the infection reaction of cells and apoptosis at the time of reperfusion after ischemia occurs. BCL-2/BCL-2 allogeneic begeminum has a function of suppressing the apoptosis of cells, and thus it is inferred that the susceptibility of cells to apoptosis is determined by the amount of allogeneic begeminum present which is determined based on the amount of BAX. Ischemia was induced in SD mice by occluding the common carotid artery for 5 minutes, after which blood was re-perfused. NEES was applied to acupuncture points, at 12, 24, and 48 hours post-ischemia on the joksamri, Hapgok. Protein expression was investigated through BAX antibody immuno-reactive cells in the cerebral nerve cells and Western blotting. The results were as follows: In the present study as well, as a result of observation of the change in the number of the BAX reaction cells after the inducement of GI, there was the aspect of most of the BAX reaction cells being observed in the corpus striatum area of the GI group 24 hours after the inducement of ischemia. This revealed the same results as those of previous studies in which the change in the number of BAX reaction cells occurred in all areas while ischemia was in progress. The change in the expression of BAX protein after 24 hours showed that there was a very significant reduction in the NEES group compared to the GI group (p<.01). As a result, a greatest amount of change in the number of BAX immunoreactive cells related to apoptosis 24 hours after ischemia appeared in the NEES group. This study that ischemia increases the expression of BAX that induces apoptosis. Thus, it is determined that ischemia is the main cause of the apoptosis of neurons, and this study reveals that low frequency needle electrode electrical stimulation has the effect of blocking the apoptosis of neurons by reducing protein related to the apoptosis of cells that has increased after ischemia has occurred.
Ischemia, Apoptosis, Needle Electrode Electrical Stimulation, Joksamri, Hapgok, BAX
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