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Effects of Combination Patterns of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation on Cervical Alignment, Self- Awareness and Physique in Patients with Forward Head Posture
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저자 ( Dong Gun Oh ) , ( Sang Jin Han ) , ( Kyung Tae Yoo )
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간행물정보 Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research 2016년, 제7권 제2호, 1018~1024쪽(총7쪽)
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연관 논문
Change of Head Position and Muscle Activities of Neck During Overhead Arm Lift Test in Subjects With Forward Head Posture
Comparative Immediate Effects of Isometric Chin-tuck and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization on Neck Flexor Muscle Thickness and Upright Sitting Height Posture
Comparison of the muscle activity in the normal and forward head postures based on the pressure level during cranio-cervical flexion exercises
Effect of Kinesiolology taping and Posture Stabilizing Exercise on Pain, Craniovertebral Angle, Proprioception in Adults with Forward Head Posture
전방머리자세(Forward Head Posture)의 정도와 척추 만곡 변형의 상관관계
The purpose of this study was to identify the effects of cervical alignment, pain, and physique to apply proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation(PNF) techniques in patients with forward head posture (FHP). The subjects of this study were 24 patients diagnosed with FHP. They were randomly divided into two groups: a PNF group(n=12) and a control group(n=12). The intervention was performed a total of 24 times, 30 min a day, six times a week for four weeks. Data on cervical alignment(forward head displacement, FHD), pain(visual analog scale, VAS), and physique(height, weight, and body mass index) were obtained pre- and post-intervention. Two-way repeated measures ANOVA was used to compare the groups and time. For FHD, the VAS, and physique(height and BMI), there was an interaction effect for the groups and time(p<.001, BMI: p<.05) and main effects for time(p<.001, BMI: p<.05). For weight, there were main effects of time(p<.01). For FHD(p<.01) and the VAS(p<.05), there were main effects for the groups. In the PNF group, there were significant improvements in FHD, VAS, and physique. In the control group, there was a significant increase in FHD. The results of this study indicated that PNF intervention using scapular and upper extremity patterns effective in FHP positively. The use of a therapeutic intervention on physique changes may also be effective in improving poor posture and help to better patients` quality of life.
Forward Head Posture, PNF, Cervical alignment, Pain, physique
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