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Effect of Maitland Mobilization and Kaltenborn-Evjenth Mobilization on the SLR Angle
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저자 ( Ho Jung An ) , ( Hong Rae Kim ) , ( Bo Kyung Kim )
발행기관 국제물리치료학회
간행물정보 Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research 2016년, 제7권 제2호, 1041~1045쪽(총5쪽)
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The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of Maitland mobilization and Kaltenborn-Evjenth mobilization on the SLR angle. Subjects randomly divided into Kaltenborn-Evjenth group(n=8) and Maitland group(n=7). The mean height, age, body weight was 176.00±5.10 cm, 22.75±1.83 years, 72.63±10.65 kg respectively in Kaltenborn-Evjenth group. The mean height, age, body weight was 175.00±5.60 cm, 22.29 ±3.68 years, 78.00±12.36 kg respectively in Maitland group. Hip joint accessary movements with Grade Ⅲ or IV were applied depend on the patient`s condition to the restricted direction for 1 minute each set, and performed 5 set in a Maitland group. Hip joint anteroposterior gliding with Grade Ⅲ were applied 60 for 1 minutes each set, and performed 5 set in a Kaltenborn-Evjenth group. The angle of first pain was referred to as P1 and subjects were pointed out that they could not bend the knee anymore, then examiner measure SLR angle. The SLR was significantly increased in the Maitland group compared to the Kaltenborn-Evjenth group after intervention(p<.05). In a within group difference, SLR significantly increased in the both groups(p<.05). These results indicated that Maitland mobilization could be recommended the excellent technique to increase the hip flexion in patient with hip hypo-mobility.
Maitland, Kaltenborn-Evjenth, Mobilization, Grade, Hip Flexion
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