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Pitfalls in surveillance for hepatocellular carcinoma: How successful is it in the real world?
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저자 ( Linda L. Wong ) , ( Ruel J. Reyes ) , ( Sandi A. Kwee ) , ( Brenda Y. Hernandez ) , ( Sumodh C. Kalathil ) , ( Naoky C. Tsai )
발행기관 대한간학회
간행물정보 Clinical and Molecular Hepatology(대한간학회지) 2017년, 제23권 제3호, 239~248쪽(총10쪽)
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Direct-acting antivirals response in hepatocellular carcinoma: Does the presence of hepatocellular carcinoma matter?
PE-111 : Outcome of Sorafenib Treatment in Patients with HBV-versus Non-HBV-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Single-Center Cohort in an HBV-Endemic Area
Background/Aims: Surveillance for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with ultrasound in high-risk populations is generally believed to improve opportunities for treatment. However, tumors are still missed due to various factors. This study explores success versus failure of HCC surveillance. Methods: This is a retrospective study of 1,125 HCC cases. Categories considered for successful detection were largest tumor ≤3.0 cm, single tumors ≤3.0 cm and ≤2.0 cm, and adherence to Milan criteria. Examined factors were age <60 years, gender, rural residence, body-mass index (BMI), hepatitis infection, smoking, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, cirrhosis, ascites, and Model for End-Stage Liver Disease <10. Results: HCC was found on surveillance in 257 patients with a mean tumor size of 3.17 cm; multiple tumors were seen in 28% of cases, bilateral tumors in 7.4%, and vascular invasion in 3.7%. Surveillance was successful in 61.5% of cases involving a largest tumor ≤3.0 cm, with BMI ≥35 negatively affecting detection (odds ratio [OR] 0.28, P=0.014) and cirrhosis positively affecting detection (OR 2.31, P=0.036). Ultrasound detected 19.1% of single tumors ≤2.0 cm with ascites improving the detection rate (OR 3.89, P=0.001). Finally, adherence to Milan criteria occurred in 75.1% of cases, revealing negative associations with diabetes (OR 0.48, P=0.044 and male gender (OR 0.49, P=0.08). Conclusions: Although surveillance is recommended for HCC, not all surveillance ultrasound are ideal. Tumor detection can depend on gender, BMI, diabetes, cirrhosis, and ascites and is achieved in 19.1-75% of cases depending on the definition of success. Closer follow-up or additional imaging might be necessary for some patient subgroups. (Clin Mol Hepatol 2017;23:239-248)
Carcinoma, Hepatocellular, Early detection of cancer, Population surveillance, Ultrasonography
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