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Isaiah’s Authorship and Methodology: A Historical Review
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저자 ( Elisha Kwabena Marfo )
발행기관 삼육대학교 선교와사회문제연구소
간행물정보 Asia-Africa Journal of Mission and Ministry(AAMM) 2018년, 제18권 109~137쪽(총29쪽)
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The study reviews how scholars have approached the authorship of the book of Isaiah and the kind of methodologies used in analyzing the text along the centuries. This is done in light of the resources which are now available in order to provide a more accurate and up to date assessment of the authorship and methodology which in turn may serve as a solid basis for future exegesis and theological exposition of the book. Following this comprehensive review, the study has found out that beginning in the 20th and 21st centuries, scholarship on the book of Isaiah has displayed interest in the authorship and methodologies employed in the study of the book, but there is seemingly no agreement among scholars. The features of the study of the book in the last two centuries are predominantly the reverberation of arguments and sometimes newer or combined methodologies in approaching the text. A biblical/theological scholarly dialogue to fashion out the best way in dealing with issues in Isaiah is recommended to address the unending discourses and debates on the authorship and methodology of the book of Isaiah. This will bring a lasting settlement to the apparently conflicting positions in Isaianic scholarship.
The Book of Isaiah, Isaianic, authorship, method/methodology, debate, century
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