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Weakening the Influence of General Political Bureau and Building the Predominant Party System in the Kim Jong-un Regime
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저자 ( Kim Tae-ku )
발행기관 이화여자대학교 통일학연구원
간행물정보 Journal of Peace and Unification 2018년, 제8권 제2호, 59~110쪽(총52쪽)
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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has continued to reduce the influence of the military since his rise to power. As a young leader who inherited the power without background experience in military service, similar to his father Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un focused on getting a hold on power over the elder military generals. Such efforts have taken the direction in restoration of the party authority over the enlarged military.In a bid to do so, the young Kim consolidated his power by removing the Chief of General Staff Bureau Ri Young-ho to establish control over General Staff Bureau operating the armed forces, and changed the heads of the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces, the representative organization of military, almost on a yearly basis. Ultimately, from the end of 2017, he started to censor the Ministry of National Security and General Political Bureau, and carried out reshuffles that got rid of even his own aids, completing the control of the military and solidifying the socialist party-centered system in which the government was operated by the North Korean Workers’ Party.Now the North Korean military is seen as being compliant with the party-centered system, and in particular, General Political Bureau, which had exerted influence over the party, government and military as the military core organization, has a narrower scope of a role than in the past. And the roles of the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces and the General Staff Bureau are also limited to their primary missions in the military. Accordingly, Kim Jong-un has secured firm control over the military and restored the national system in which the party retains the dominant position, while the military is expected to be mobilized for national infrastructure construction and others as its role is confined to training and education duties.
General Political Bureau, National Security Ministry, People`s Security Ministry, General Staff Bureau, People`s Armed Force`s Ministry, Influence of Military Force
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