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논문 / Effects of Alloying Elements and Heat - Treatments on Abrasion Wear Behavior of High Alloyed White Cast Iron
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저자 (Sung Kon Yu)
발행기관 한국주조공학회
간행물정보 한국주조공학회지 (주조) 2000년, 제20권 제2호, 104~109쪽(총6쪽)
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연관 논문
논문 : 크롬주철의 기계적 성질에 미치는 합금원소 ( V , Ti ) 와 열처리의 영향에 관한 연구 ( Research Papers : The Study on the Effect of Alloying Elements (V, Ti) and Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties in Chromium Cast Iron )
논문 : 3%C-10%Cr-5%Mo-5%W 백주철에 있어서 열처리가 현미경조직 , 경도 및 내마모성에 미치는 영향 ( Research Papers : Effects of Heat Treatments on Microstructure , Hardness and Abrasive Wear Resistance in 3%C-10%Cr-5%Mo-5%W White Cast Iron )
논문 / 스트립캐스팅한 구상흑연주철박판의 합금원소 및 열처리에 따른 미세조직과 기계적 성질의 변화 ( Effects of Alloying Elements and Heat Treatments on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Ductile Cast Iron by Strip Casting )
논문 : 구상흑연주철의 강인화에 미치는 특수열처리와 합금원소의 영향 ( Research Papers : Effect of Special Heat Treatments and Alloying Element (Ni) on Strengthening and Toughening of Ductile Cast Iron )
논문 / 구상흑연주철의 고압하 마멸특성에 미치는 합금원소의 영향 II - Si , Mo ( Effects of Alloying Elements on the High Pressure Wear Characteristics of Ductile Cast Iron II - Silicon and Molybdenum )
Three different white cast irons alloyed with Cr, V, Mo and W were prepared in order to study their abrasion wear behavior in as-cast and heat-treated conditions. The specimens were produced using a 15㎏-capacity high frequency induction furnace. Melts were super-heated to 1600℃, and poured at 1550℃ into Y-block pepset molds. Three combinations of the alloying elements were selected so as to obtain the different types of carbides : 3%C-10%Cr-5%Mo-5%W(alloy No. 1: M_7C₃ and M_6C), 3%C -10%V-5%Mo-5%W(alloy No. 2: MC and M₂C) and 3%C-17%Cr-3%V(alloy No. 3: M_7C₃only). A scratching type abrasion test was carried out in the states of as-cast(AS), homogenizing(AH), air-hardening(AHF) and tempering(AHFT). First of all, the as-cast specimens were homogenized at 950℃ for 5h under the vacuum atmosphere. Then, they were austenitized at 1050℃ for 2h and followed by air-hardening in air. The air-hardened specimens were tempered at 300℃ for 3h. 1㎏ load was applied in order to contact the specimen with abrading wheel which was wound by 120 mesh SiC paper. The wear loss of the test piece(dimension: 50×50×5㎜) was measured after one cycle of wear test and this procedure was repeated up to 8 cycles. In all the specimens, the abrasion wear loss was found to decrease in the order of AH, AS, AHFT and AHF states. Abrasion wear loss was lowest in the alloy No. 2 and highest in the alloy No. 1 except for the as-cast and homogenized condition in which the alloy No. 3 showed the highest abrasion wear loss. The lowest abrasion wear loss of the alloy No. 2 could be attributed to the fact that it contained primary and eutectic MC carbides, and eutectic M₂C carbide with extremely high hardness. The matrix of each specimen was fully pearlitic in the as-cast state but it was transformed to martensite, tempered martensite and austenite depending upon the type of heat-treatment. From these results, it becomes clear that MC carbide is a significant phase to improve the abrasion wear resistance.
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