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Study on the chemical forms of heavy metals in the surface sediments of Ulsan Bay
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저자 (Young Bok Kim),(Sun Young Jo),(Jong Hak Jeong),(Sung In Lee),(Gi Ho Jeong)
발행기관 한국환경과학회
간행물정보 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 1998년, 제2권 제1호, 69~78쪽(총10쪽)
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연관 논문
유기 리간드 존재하에서 FeS(s) 의 중금속 제거 특성 연구 ( Studies on the Heavy Metal Removal Characteristics of FeS(s) in the Presence of Organic Ligand )
논문 : 하구환경에서의 중금속 수지분석을 위한 수질모델의 개발 ( Articles : Development of a Water - Quality Model for the Analysis of Heavy Metal Budgets in Estuarine Systems )
논문 : 울산만의 중금속 분포 ( Articles : Distribution of Heavy Metals in Ulsan Bay )
연구논문 : 낙동강 하구와 주변 연안역의 표층 퇴적상 및 퇴적화경 변화 ( Originals : Sedimentary Facies and Environmental Changes of the Nakdong River Estuary and Adjacent Coastal Area )
옥정호의 육수생물학적 연구 ( Limno Biological Investigation of Lake Ok - Jeong )
Contents of heavy metals (Cr, Cu, Zn, Cd, and Pb) in the sediments of Ulsan Bay were investigated by the sequential extraction methods that classifies heavy metals into five types of chemical forms: exchangeable, bound to carbonates, bound to Fe-Mn oxides, bound to organic matter and residual. The analytes were determined by using an ICP-MS. Total Cr concentrations in the sediments were in the range of 41.6-96.4, Cu 60.7-680, Zn 189-1954, Cd 33.1-83.4, and Pb 138-567 ㎎/㎏. Results of sequential fractionation indicates that relatively high proportion (~44%) of Cu is associated with organic matter. A large proportion of Pb is associated with three types of chemical forms: Fe-Mn oxides, organic matter, and residual. There were significant correlation in concentrations between the exchangeable components and total organic carbons. The heavy metals in the residual phase cannot be easily released to the environment since these are bound to the crystal lattice. But, reducible and organic phases carry a significant amount of most heavy metals. Therefore, there is potential danger of a substantial amount of metals becoming chemically mobile with environmental changes.
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